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Physicians design clinical content

Physician content design meeting held to discuss NICU order set

The development of clinical content for CareConnect, UCLA’s electronic health record program, is currently underway, and physician involvement from all specialties is crucial in the process.

Clinical content lays the groundwork for such things as how physicians will issue orders for patients in CareConnect, what sort of clinical decision support rules will be employed, and how physicians will write patient notes in the system. CareConnect will be based primarily on clinical content developed by and in use at UCLA, as well as content provided by our software vendor Epic Systems Corp. Additional resources may include content from other UC health systems, as well as content from Epic’s Community Library. (Click here to read more about clinical content.)

A physician content design meeting, led by CareConnect Clinical Content Coordinator Carlos Lerner, MD, was held Sept. 8 to discuss content for the neonatal intensive care unit. The group of physicians reviewed one of the first 20 order sets that will need to be designed before testing begins.

Dr. Lerner is one of eight clinical content coordinators facilitating the development of content. Click here to see the list of clinical content coordinators.


Pediatrician Carlos Lerner, MD, (back right) and CareConnect
Director of Clinical Content Karen Meyer, MD, (front right)
meet with NICU physicians Jeffrey Smith, MD, (back left)
and Marianne Anderson, MD, (front left) to review order sets
in CareConnect.
Jeffrey Smith, MD, (back) makes a point while Marianne S.
Anderson, MD, (front) looks over the order sets.
The physician content design meeting was one of several
being held on a regular basis.
Pediatrician Carlos Lerner, MD, is one of eight clinical content
coordinators for CareConnect.