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 CareConnect - UCLA Electronic Health Record Program | UCLA Health System
       About CareConnect
            CareConnect Demo
            Epic Testimonials
                 Bradford Rogers, MHA
                 David Fraquelli, RN
                 F. Charles Brunicardi, MD
                 Jason Fish, MD
                 Joanne Feldman, MD
                 Justin Laube, MD
                 Katrine Murray, RN, CCRN
                 Michael Pfeffer, MD, FACP
                 Stephanie Bui, MD
                 Stuart Falk
            Executive Oversight Board
            Leadership Team
            The CareConnect Program
                 Vision & Guiding Principles
            Why are we implementing CareConnect?
                 Video: Why CareConnect?
                 Video: Your colleagues are building CareConnect
                      Video: Your colleagues are building CareConnect (shortened version)
                 What you can expect from CareConnect
       Programs and Features
            Clinical Content
                 Content Developed by Department - August 2012
                 Example of SmartText for Headache
                 Physician Content Development Process
                 Specialties & Subspecialties Covered
            eConsults & Smart Referrals
                 Available Specialties
                 Email Newsletters
                 Training Resources
            Meaningful Use
                 Meaningful Use FAQs
                 Update Password
            Mobile Access
            myUCLAhealth (MyChart)
                      Open Notes
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Proxy & Teen Access
                 Support Team
                 Recommended Training Courses
                 Research Study Submission Form
       Resource Center
            Contact Us
            EHR (Computer) Etiquette
            Phases of Care
            Resources for Residents
            Web Peeks
            Assigning Access - Department Authorizers
                 Ambulatory Scope of Practice Guidelines
                 Inpatient Scope of Practice Guidelines
            Downtime Procedures
                 Scheduled Downtime Procedures
                 Unplanned Downtime (BCA) Procedures
            Nursing Informaticists
            Physician Informaticists
            Physician Personalization Labs
            Resident Informaticists
                 Meeting Materials
            Super Users
                 Tools & Resources
                 Clinical Staff
                 Front Desk
            Clinical Support
                      Deficiency Tracking
                 Laboratory & Pathology
                 Radiology/Nuclear Med/Cardiology
                 Admissions & Patient Placement
                 Care Coordination
                 Emergency Department
                 Labor & Delivery (Stork)
                 Operative Services
            Revenue Cycle
                 Hospital Billing
                 Managed Care Operations
                 Medical Coding
                 Professional Billing
                 The Industry Health Network (TIHN)
       Upgrades and Go-Lives
            CareConnect v3
            Fluency Direct
                 Operational Readiness
                 Policies & Documents
                 Training and Resources
            New / Moved Clinics
                 Go-Live Readiness Checklist
                 Go-Live Support
                 Opening a New Clinic/Moving a Clinic
                 Upcoming Go live Schedule
                 About ResearchConnect
                 Rollout Schedule
       Footer Links
       MITS QA Training Room Tools