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Nursing Informaticists

Nursing informatics integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice. It supports consumers, patients, nurses, and other providers in their decision-making in all roles and settings. This support is accomplished through the use of information structures, information processes, and information technology.

Nursing informaticists are nursing clinicians with expert analytical and critical thinking skills. They understand patient care delivery workflows and integration points for automated documentation. They have education and experience beyond their clinical training related to technology and information systems.

Nursing informaticists serve as innovators by researching and applying technologies that improve patient safety, communication and satisfaction. Leveraging nursing experience with critical thinking, science and technology, nursing informaticsts act as catalysts for change and adoption of technologies that improve the patient, family and clinician's experience, and sustains the accomplishments.

Ellen Pollack 

Ellen Pollack, RN, MSN

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, UCLA Health

Ellen Pollack is the chief nursing informatics officer for UCLA Health, and is responsible for leadership in development, re-engineering, optimization, and integration of clinical information systems to enable patient care, including leading nursing and other disciplines in the adoption of technology related change to maximize patient safety, quality of care, and operational efficiency. This responsibility includes improving the clinical quality, safety, and operational integrity of clinical information systems and integrating quality improvement and regulatory standards. Providing the vision to transform nursing practice through technology and informatics, the CNIO is part of an interdisciplinary team that advances patient care and experience at UCLA, measures those improvements, and coordinates ongoing training programs associated with enterprise information systems. In addition, Pollack is responsible for directing the electronic health record training program.

Pollack has worked at UCLA Health System for 20 years, beginning at the Santa Monica campus. For the past 15 years, she has directed the nursing informatics team, which was focused on helping clinicians provide safe and efficient patient care through the use of technology.


Alyssa Doyle, RN

Nurse Informaticist, UCLA Health

As a nurse informaticist, Alyssa Doyle works with the emergency department, radiation oncology, hospital outpatient departments (HODs), and Rover implementation. She began her career at UCLA Health in 2008 and in 2009 became a certified oncology nurse, working at both Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. Just a year later, Doyle joined the clinical systems team to help with implementation of C-Admin - UCLA Health's first electronic MAR.

Doyle signed on in 2011 as application coordinator for CareConnect's orders team - the first staff person to join CareConnect - and subsequently served as application manager for HODs and ASAP, the emergency department component of the EHR.

Before coming to UCLA, Doyle worked as the charge nurse of the medical assessment unit at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia, Canada, and as a nurse in the med/surg ICU step-down unit at The Ottawa Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

Doyle earned her BSN from the University of Ottawa.


Meg Furukawa, RN, MSN

Nurse Informaticist, UCLA Health

Meg Furukawa has been involved in nursing informatics at UCLA for the past 13 years. After working as the clinical nurse specialist for the Medical Intensive Care Unit, which was host to the pilot test of Essentris, she joined the clinical systems team to help with the development, implementation, education, and support of Essentris in all three of UCLA Health's hospitals. She also worked on the development, education, implementation, and support of barcoded medication administration at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  After joining the CareConnect team, Furukawa focused on integrated areas, including testing, workflows, medication administration, curriculum development, policies, and business continuity access.

Now as a member of the nursing informatics team, she focuses on optimizing order management, medication administration, and business continuity.

Before joining UCLA, Furukawa was a critical care nurse specialist at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank and a critical care clinical nurse, educator, and assistant unit manager at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.
Furukawa received her master's in nursing at UCLA and a BSN from California State University, Los Angeles. She also holds an undergraduate degree in liberal studies from California State University, Northridge.


Deidre Keeves, PT

Health IT Adoption & Engagement Director, UCLA Health

Deidre Keeves is the director of health IT adoption and engagement. She is responsible for developing and managing health technology readiness and engagement programs that are aimed at ensuring safe and efficient use of clinical information technology. This responsibility includes engaging staff and faculty to leverage technology solutions for maximizing patient safety, improving delivery of care, advancing quality outcomes, and enhancing the patient experience at UCLA. Keeves has a passion for mobile technology and is currently leading teams to develop and implement smartphone and tablet applications that will be used by UCLA's physicians and patients.

Keeves is a licensed physical therapist and has worked at UCLA Health for 13 years. She has provided patient care and leadership in a variety of inpatient and outpatient clinical settings at UCLA. For the past two years she has been dedicated to help transform the delivery of care through developing, implementing, and optimizing the CareConnect electronic health record program.  


Stesha R. Selsky, MSN, RN - BC

Nurse Informaticist, UCLA Health

Stesha Selsky started her career at UCLA Health in 2012 as a cardio-thoracic nurse at the Ronald Reagan Hospital. While practicing bedside nursing she became a certified progressive care nurse and participated in several CareConnect workgroups and optimizations. In 2014 she transitioned to the nursing informatics team temporarily to help support the CareConnect 2015 upgrade for the perioperative areas. In 2015 she transitioned permanently to the nursing informatics team and now works with the Radiology Department and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital. She also champions E-signature projects and the Nurse Triage application.

Stesha received her master’s degree in nursing administration at California State University Dominguez Hills. She received her BSN from Duke University and an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Economics from the University of Michigan.