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Mobile Access


Centricity Radiology Mobile Access (CRMA) Available in Pilot Phase

CRMA enables physicians to securely access radiological images and reports from anywhere on qualified mobile devices running Apple iOS and Android OS. This is an FDA approved app for diagnostic purposes. One of CRMA's most notable features is the ability for physicians to collaborate with peers on the go. View the CRMA quick reference guide for more information.

UCLA Health is exploring ways to provide mobile access to CareConnect. At this time, there are several ways to access CareConnect through smartphones and tablets: Using Epic apps -- Haiku and Canto -- and by using Citrix Receiver.

Haiku & Canto

Haiku and Canto are mobile applications created by Epic that give providers secure access to view patient records using an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Haiku is a smartphone app that will work on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. It has slightly more features than Canto. For example, iPhone and iPad users will be able to send outpatient ePrescriptions using Haiku. Canto is the iPad app. It is optimized to show more information at a glance using the wider screen size of a tablet, but it does not have the full set of features available in Haiku.

Using Haiku & Canto

Physicians and other providers, such as PAs and NPs, will be able to use Haiku and Canto on their own iPads and iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • See these instructions for downloading Haiku and Canto.
  • Click here to view the Haiku Quick Start Guide.
  • Click here to view the Canto Quick Start Guide.
  • Click here to access eLearnings.

Haiku and Canto provide supplemental access to CareConnect. They are largely view-only and do not offer the full functionality available in CareConnect. With these apps, you'll be able to:

  • View clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, patient summary information, encounters, and test results.
  • View following note types:
    • Progress
    • Consult
    • H & P
    • D/C Summaries
    • Procedures
    • ED
    • Goals of Care
    • Op Notes
    • Letters (Dictated)
    • Telephone Encounters
  • View image and EKG results (At this time, however, images are not viewable in Haiku and Canto).
  • Perform limited InBasket functions, such as sending and receiving staff messages, reviewing results, and managing refill requests (Haiku iPhones only).

Communicating & Documenting With Haiku & Canto

Haiku and Canto are not intended to replace your typical communication process. Here are suggestions for handling some common situations that might arise if you only have access to CareConnect through Haiku or Canto:

Staff communications to the physician:

  • If a patient calls with an urgent issue or one that requires same-day resolution and the provider is only available remotely, staff should page the doctor.
  • For patient calls that require provider follow up but are not time-sensitive, staff may use a staff message to send information in CareConnect. Providers may then view and respond to staff messages remotely, using Haiku and Canto.

At this time, it is not possible to document notes or encounters using Haiku or Canto. Providers who take actions using Haiku and Canto are responsible to ensure that supporting documentation is entered into the patient's CareConnect record using one of the following strategies:

  • Immediately dictate information on a note using UCLA Health's dictation system.
  • Use Haiku or Canto to send a staff message containing the required documentation. Since staff messages are not part of the medical record, this information should be copied and pasted into an encounter by the staff member.
  • Use Haiku or Canto to send themselves a staff message reminder. They would then enter the supporting documentation the next time they log into desktop version of CareConnect.

Haiku, Canto & PHI

You may not store Protected Health Information (PHI), patient billing information, patient SSNs, or other sensitive data on your smartphone or iPad. PHI viewed in Haiku and Canto will not be stored on your device.

Full CareConnect Access at a Distance

At this time, full access is only truly available through a UCLA Health computer or your own computer via Citrix. You'll find instructions for connecting to CareConnect from a PC here, and from an Apple computer here

It is possible to run the Windows version of Epic on the iPad using an application called Citrix Receiver for the iPad. While this solution provides access to the full version of CareConnect, it's difficult to use because it's not optimized for the iPad's touchscreen. The UCLA Health IT help desk is not currently providing full support for Citrix Receiver. However, if tech savvy users wish to try this out, instructions for loading Citrix Receiver on an Android device here; click here for instructions for installing it on iPads or iPhones.  

Click here to view a comparison of Haiku, Canto, and Citrix Receiver functions.

Purchasing an iPad

UCLA Health is releasing Canto as an optional tool that providers may choose to install on their own iPads. UCLA Health providers and practices interested in purchasing iPads should go to the MITS website for pricing information and purchasing instructions.

Getting Help With Haiku & Canto

Call CareConnect's support team at (310) 267-CARE. Someone from that team is available around the clock to answer your questions.

Remote Access FAQs

Click here to view FAQs about remote access to CareConnect.

Click here to view FAQs about remote access to UCLA PACS using CRMA.


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