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The CareConnect Program

UCLA's electronic health record program

CareConnect is UCLA's electronic health record (EHR) program. The system integrates functions of approximately 65 software applications into a single system accessible across the health system and is available around-the-clock to clinical faculty and staff members.

Much of CareConnect's functionality was rolled out in at once in the early morning hours of March 2, 2013:

March 2, 2013: Scheduling, registration, billing, ADT, HIM, and health plan management at all hospitals (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA, and UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica)

  • Scheduling, registration, referrals, and authorizations for UCLA managed care members at all clinics
  • Clinical applications - pharmacy, Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), documentation, radiology, rounding lists - at all hospitals
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and documentation at a group of clinics and procedure areas in our hospitals (Wave 0)
  • CareConnect Lite as a replacement for cView at all clinics (except those in Wave 0)

June 2013 - February 2014: Clinical applications (CPOE and documentation) and the patient portal (MyUCLAHealth) are being rolled out to clinics in waves. (See the ambulatory sequencing schedule.)

An estimated 18,000 faculty and staff members use CareConnect, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, advanced-practice nurses, other clinicians, trainees, students, and staff members working with scheduling, registration, billing, patient placement (ADT), and hospital information management (HIM).

The CareConnect program is led by a team with expertise in EHR implementation and deep institutional knowledge of our health system.

The CareConnect program is overseen by an Executive Oversight Board composed of leaders from UCLA Health System and David Geffen School of Medicine, which developed 11 principles to guide development and implementation of CareConnect.

"The CareConnect program is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to work together as an organization to really change how we deliver health care," said Patricia Kapur, MD, interim co-president of the UCLA Faculty Practice Group, chairperson of the department of anesthesiology, and member of CareConnect's Executive Oversight Board. "It puts UCLA in an excellent position for examining and enhancing processes that support the overall care experience."